Welkin Projects

Embracing each other's differences



To create a disability friendly environment through sensitizing people’s hearts to people with disabilities, creating awareness around disability inclusion in the workplace and to provide a platform where people are truly free to disclose his or her disability.



To have sensitized and created awareness around the subject of People with disabilities that this information will be embraced and shared not just amongst our colleagues but taken into our respective communities and shared. In so doing, we uplift the new generation to truly embrace the uniqueness of each individual is and to understand that we are each, and every one of us, uniquely and wonderfully made.


The Offering

Shared Vision single and core focus is to assist in creating a disability friendly foundation in order to build a future and ongoing disability friendly and sustainable solution.

Before the recruitment of people with disabilities should be considered, including hosting learnerships, the foundation needs to be set and the pathway cleared for people with disabilities to feel comfortable that a company/business is truly disability friendly.



This is achieved the following steps:


1.   Scoping and Preparation

    a)   Analyse companies compliance in relation to BBBEE, EEA, Skills Development

      b)   Insure a Policy & Procedure is in place in relation to People with Disabilities


2.   Creating a participation friendly environment

      a)   Workshops

               -      Exco: Sensitize, create awareness and ensure Exco is clear and is agreement with                                        creating a disability friendly foundation and then environment

               -      HR and Line Manager: Capacity Building 

               -      Staff: Sensitize, create awareness and encourage disclosures



b)   Accessibility Audit

      Disability Accessibility Audits are a useful means of assessing the current state of 

      accessbility  of accessibility and usability of buildings by impaired people. ... The audit gives a

      snapshot of a building at any point in its life, highlighting areas for improvement thereby

      making it an essential tool in producing an access action plan.


3.   Inclusion & Skills Development

      Recruitment and Learnerships should take place once a disability friendly environment has been

      created with a view to inclusion for all. Policy, Workshops, Disclosures, Reasonable Accommodation

      and Accessibility Audits set the tone for inclusion.


4.   Disability Elevators and Evacuation Chairs


      Disability Elevators

      An elevator is, without a doubt, the best option for the disabled and the disabled. In this way, it ends

      with any architectural barriers that may exist. Similarly, accessibility in homes and buildings of any type

      is improved.


     Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are now lifts that have been specially created to meet

     any needs of a disabled person. These are booths that have sufficient and adequate measures so that a

     wheelchair can be released and entered in full comfort, as well as one or more accompanying persons.

     They are also adapted for people with other types of motor, hearing or visual limitations.


     Evacuation Chairs

     In the event of an emergency such an earthquake or a fire,

     lifts should not be used in multi-storey buildings, therefore 

     people with a disability or who are injured maybe become

     trapped. Our evacuation chair is the perfect solution; it is a

     light weight and easy to use device which glides effortlessly

     down stairways to assist with the quick and safe removal of 

     people who are mobility impaired in the event of an 

     emergency evacuation.