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Disability Accessibility Audit Toolkit

A disability accessibility audit is regarded as the first step towards the inclusion of the disabled into the workplace however many companies consider this an unnecessary expense, especially considering the cost should multiple sites exist.



The DAAT is composed of a simple questionnaire with bar charts that enables you to ascertain which areas should be addressed in order to improve the facilities and environment for people with disabilities.



Instructions and training on given on how to fill in on the respective CONFORMANCE CRITERIA and how to respond to questions using the score methodology.  Each department will be analysed as to which areas will benefit from improvements.

The scoring is not to determine a "Pass" or "Fail" rate but rather to plot your compliance and identify areas for improvement.  



 The DAATprovides the following benefits:


  • Ensures that clear measurement criteria is documented
  • Have a clear understanding of where the gaps are and the plan of action going forward
  • Cost cutting by enabling your company to audit multiple sites without incurring the cost of an external consultant having to do an audit per site
  • The analysis can be re-done at any stage to compare results to see if improvement has been achieved or not. – This at no extra costs.


 The questionnaire, contained within, must be completed using the scoring table. This will indicate what areas to focus on for improvement. 

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